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Friday, 22.02.2019
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Giresun University

Harvard Black Sea Security Program

International Centre for Black Sea Studies


BLACKCSR is a Research Center of Giresun University.

Fields of activity, stated in its regulations, are as follows:

a) To make scientific research and studies with the aim of developing and improving political, economical, and cultural cooperation between Turkey and world countries continuously, to create a knowledge by means of various projects and field research and to enable  sharing of this knowledge with region’s countries and related institutions in Turkey,

b) By taking into consideration historical and geographical features of Turkey; to make analysis and research about quality and dimensions of political, economical, cultural relations with said countries in changing world conditions and to produce alternatives and strategies in the direction of change and developments by taking into account Turkey’s interests,

c) By taking into consideration Black Sea countries’ roles in global and regional fields, to make analysis and research about current situation of these countries’ political, economical, cultural  relations with Turkey and about progress of these relations in the future,

d) To make necessary studies on topics related to Black Sea region and to develop strategies,

e) Within the structure of institute, to produce new projects by doing research on Black Sea geopolitics, relations between countries of the region, history of Black Sea, Turkish Language on Black Sea region and economical structure of Black Sea,

f) To improve the opportunities of cooperation with universities and institutes, in company with strategic research centers, functioning inside and outside Turkey,

g) To make cooperation with scientists who study in these fields of activity in Turkey and mentioned countries.

h) To make analysis and evaluation of knowledge, obtained from domestic and foreign-source scientific publications, to convey produced information to those concerned and public opinion by means of national and international scientific meetings, to provide the establishment and development of strategic research archive,

i) To develop interdisciplinary projects with academic units of university and to encourage the studies which will be made in these fields,

j) To offer consulting service for state institutions and organizations, and private organizations about fields of study and related topics,

k) To organize scientific meetings such as national and international conference, seminary, congress, panel, symposium on topics related to sphere of duties or to make contribution to their organizations,

l) To train specialists, experienced staff and students, related to fields of activity, in regional and global context, and for that purpose to organize education and research-oriented courses and programs and to give certificates,

m) To enable exchange of academicians, researchers and postgraduate students with universities, academies and institutes inside and outside Turkey,

n) To publish information, obtained as a result of scientific research and investigation, as books, articles and reports,

o) Within the framework of applicable legislation, to be engaged in mutual activities of education, application and publication with relevant state institutions, organizations and relevant units of universities,

p) To create sub-units and project groups in Centre’s fields of study for the purpose of operating research and educational studies within the framework of division of labor.

Within the scope of fields of activity, listed above, BLACKCSR predominantly focused on the current foreign policy for its studies of 2008-2009, and emphasized Black Sea geopolitics, relations and facilities of cooperation between Black Sea littorals.

With the Monthly Strategy meetings, effects of subject at hand to Black Sea geography were emphasized following presentations.

Except meetings, mentioned above, in the “BLACKCSR Weekly Strategic Meeting”, weekly studies of units were evaluated and established agenda was discussed in detail.