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Sunday, 17.02.2019
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21.07.09 | 14:06 Age: 10 Years

II. Black Sea International Symposium

Category: Karadeniz Uluslararası Sempozyumları


Black Sea International Symposiums are being held with participation of representatives of Black Sea coastal countries which considers the current geopolitical importance of Black Sea by Giresun University Center for Black Sea Strategic Research and Application (BLACKCSR).

The Second Black Sea International Symposium arouse with the motto of “Black Sea Neighbourhood”. The first and previous Symposium, which served for the reinforcement of academic/diplomatic communication links between Turkey and Russian Federation in 2008, has moved to a new platform in which all the Black Sea littoral countries will attend.



In this sense, the connection of the academic background of Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine and Georgia on Black Sea basin with the background of previous scientific activity has been aimed.



With the Ambassador Undersecretary and Trabzon Consul of Russian Federation, diplomatic participation was provided to the symposium which was performed on 16-17th April 2009.This activity, which local and national press paid great attention, enabled Black Sea littorals to perform constructive approach for the problems by coming together on the academic level despite the war between Russian Federation and Georgia in August 2008 and energy crisis between Russia-Ukraine.

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The issues, discussed in the symposium which included five sessions and an evaluation-closing session, intensified under the title of bilateral relations and energy.