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Sunday, 17.02.2019
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26.01.16 | 15:44 Age: 3 Years



The workshop was held on 18th December, 2015, in Tbilisi, capital city of Georgia, by the cooperation of Caucasus International University, Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly, South Caucasus Institute of Regional Security, Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Russian-Georgian Public Center and BLACKCSR of Giresun University.




Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yalçın SARIKAYA, the director of BLACKCSR and representative of Giresun University, Julia BLASIUS, member of Friedrich Ebert Foundation from Germany, Dr. Vakhtang KOLBAIA, former president of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia from Georgia, Vakhtang MAISAIA, the chairman of the master’s program of Caucasus International University from Georgia, Grigory TROMFIMCHUK, the chairman of the Scientific Research Support Fund Advisory Council from Russia, Andrey FEDOROV, the director of the Counselling Center for Political Research from Russia, Alla FURSA, the supervisor of the rector of the Ukraine Diplomatic Academy from Ukraine, Soso TSISKARISHVILI, the chairman of the Georgian Independent Experts Club from Georgia, Bohdan YAREMENKO, former consul general of İstanbul and Edinburg of Ukraine and the chairman of the Maidan of Foreign Affairs Foundation, Ali BABAYEV, chairman of the Georgian Azerbaijanis Congress, İlyas MEMMEDOV, the head clerk of Tbilisi Embassy of Azerbaijan, Olga DOROKHINA, the general secretary of the South Caucasus Institute of Regional Security from Gerogia, Dr. Alexander RUSETSKI, the director of the South Caucasus Institute of Regional Security from Georgia, Dmytro TREIAKOV, the head clerk of Tbilisi Embassy of Ukraine, and Dr. Elisabet Baliashvili, the member of National Club of Economic Diplomacy, were attended the workshop entitled with “New Threats to Security in the Black Sea-Caspian Region”.


The workshop was accomplished with five sessions and through the whole day. The presentations entitled with “The Assessments of the Current Situation in the Crimea and Donbass”, “New Risks and Threats in the Context of the Karabakh Conflict”, “The Increasing Military Fortifications in the Crimea and the Eastern Ukraine”, Instability Risks in the Global Transport of Hydrocarbons Supply Lines”, “The Fact of Divided Universities Posed by Regional Conflicts and Frozen Conflicts”, “Inadequacy of Existing International Conference and the Basis for the Solution of Problems in the Caucasus”, “Using the Map in the context of Modern Information Wars”, “Possible Effects of the Syria Crisis on the Balance of Power in the Caspian Basin” and “The Role Can be taken by Azerbaijani Turks, those living in Turkey and Russia, in the Russia-Turkey Crisis” were made in addition to diplomatic and civil initiatives issues about the crisis management and conflict solution. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yalçın SARIKAYA, representing Turkey on behalf of Giresun University, has tackled the risks and threats of the crisis that may result for both sides in his presentation titled with “Mutual Risks of Escalation of the Turkey-Russia Crisis in the Context of the Inner and Outer Perspective”.