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24.08.15 | 12:07 Age: 3 Years



The International teleconference, entitled “TURKEY and RUSSIA: THE HISTORY and TODAY”  was held by Russian Federation Kuban State University with the participation of Consulate General of the Republic of Tukey in Novorossiysk, Giresun University/BLACKCSR, Ankara University, and Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University on 20th May, 2015 on the occasion of the establishment of the Turkish-Russian diplomatic relations.


Vice chancellor of Kuban State University Prof. Dr. Alexander Gavrilovich IVANOV and the Consul General of Turkey in Novorossiysk Mrs. Beste PEHLİVAN SUN has made the opening speeches.




Prof. Alexander G. IVANOV said that the idea of such a conference was appeared with suggestion of Russian Ambassador due to the 95th anniversary of the establishment of Turkish Russian diplomatic relations. IVANOV indicated that The Kuban State University which has long history is developing, expanded and corporate with very universities outside of Russia and the most important place in this list was received by Turkish universities. He stressed that not want to talk about the history of the bilateral relations of two countries, but he saidthat Turkey and Russia are so closed two neighboring country and also they have a multifaceted relationship network in many areas from economy to politics, socio-cultural fields to education, security to energy and etc. IVANOVwho touched on the Black Sea International Symposiums which have been held in Giresun since 2008, emphasized that the subjects discussed in this symposiums are the important factors as well as developing the relations of two countries and the regional relations.


Mrs. Beste PEHLİVAN SUN, the Consul General of Turkey in Novorossiysk, stated that thewish for increasing the corporation in the fields of economic, commercial, social, cultural, scientificand etc. and they supportthe institutional relations with the Russian Institutions inconsular services domain in this year, celebrating of 95th anniversary Turkish Russian diplomatic relations with stressing that this two countries which sharing common geography have a deep-rooted historical and cultural relations



After the opening speeches, first talk has been made by Prof.VartanyanEgnara GAIKOVNA from Kuban State University. Prof. Dr. GAIKOVNA cited the basic parameters of improvement of corporation between Russia and Turkey at the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21th century. Prof. Dr. GAIKOVNA who emphasize that the relations of Turkey play an important role in both regional and global politics mentioned about the two countries geopolitical importance, the reflections of the establishment and development of the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Corporation and theimprovementsof the economic, commercial and cultural relations between the two countries.


Asst. Prof. Dr. Leyla Çiğdem DALKILIÇ, the Head of the department of Russian Philology of Ankara University, mentioned about the importance ofthe Russian language in Turkey from past to present. DALKILIÇ indicated that the Russian language was started to teach in 1800s and she stressed thatfrom mentioned date to present, the interests to Russian language has been increased and there are educational programs not only the level of Russian courses and undergraduate education but also postgraduate education between the two countries. 




Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yalçın SARIKAYA, the Director of Giresun University Black SeaCenter for Strategic Researches, noticed the sample of Track II diplomacy within the Turkish-Russian relations and Black Sea region. Assoc. Prof. Dr.Yalçın SARIKAYA touched on the theoreticalimprovement of Track IIdiplomacy and stated the Track II diplomacy or multitrack diplomacy samples weren’t extensive before the 1990s in the Black Sea region. Assoc. Prof. Dr. SARIKAYA indicated thata few initiatives such as International Committee of Red Cross, Independent Civil Minsk Group which is out of the OSCE Minsk Group but evoke the OSCE Minsk Group, Transcaucasus Women’s Dialogue, Danish Refugee Council and Norwegian Refugee Council in the during the Karabakh conflict were the typical examples of ceasefire. Assoc. Prof. Dr. SARIKAYA stated that in the academic field there are significant contributions to Track IIdiplomacy from Turkey, and he adduced the International Center of Black Sea Studies in Athens, Giresun University Black Sea Center for Strategic Researches and many conferences and workshops aimed at Balck Sea and Caucasus whichhave held by Sakarya University, Kocaeli University, Kadir Has University and Middle East Technical Universities for ten years.


Asst. Prof. Dr. GökhanEŞEL, the member of the Department of Politics and Public Administration of Giresun University, mentioned the diplomatic relations between two countries in the context of “Peace at home, peace in the World” what Atatürk adopted as principle.EŞEL who touched on the relations between  two countries especially between period of 1917-1923, indicated that the Bolshevists who follow closely the events that happened in Turkey wanted to advocate the National Struggle which started with the leadership of Atatürk and Atatürk’s manner  the Soviet’s help had how importance during the Turkish struggle.




Assoc. Prof. İlyas KEMALOĞLU, the member of the Faculty of Science and Letters of Mimar Sinan University,talked about how the Russian-Turkish relations transition from the neighborhood to the partnership and in this period what happened, which factors contributed to that.

Assoc. Prof.  Dr. VaschenkoAleksandr VLADIMIROVICH, the Dean of Faculty of History, Sociology and International Relations of Kuban State University,mentioned about the process of education of the Turkish students in Kuban State University. Assoc. Prof. Dr.VLADIMIROVICH who emphasized that he has attended to Black Sea InternationalSymposium,stated that as someone who was born and grown up in Sochi he has imagined the south of the Black Sea and his childhood dream was made by this symposium. Assoc. Prof. Dr. VLADIMIROVICH also made some suggestionsaboutdoing mutual studies, publishing and holding symposiums which are including archeology, history and international relations.


Conference was continued with the speeches of Dr.Rayushkina Irina VLADIMIROVNA, the director of Foreign Relations of Kuban State University, andRengin KOÇ spoke on behalf of the Turkish students in Kuban State University; and the conference ended with wishes of Prof.Dr. Alexander G. IVANOV about the greetings the 95th anniversary of establishment of relations between Turkey and Russia, rising the corporations between the two countries much more and being fertile the results of this symposium.